My varhead vill punish all vithout distinction.

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An Incomplete List of Noteable People I've Delivered Pizzas To


It’s coming up on a year now since I got my current job as a pizza delivery girl, and I thought this would be a good time to delve into the little ever-expanding “WTFPIZZA” note I keep on my cell that helps me remember some of my more, uh - interesting deliveries.

So without…


the fact that some people on this site are sexually aroused by benevolent cucumberpatch  is proof that someone will find you attractive no matter how ugly you may be. there is always hope

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I’m wearing that shirt that says “Are you gonna eat the rest of that?” and then it has a smiley face with one eyebrow raised and then it has a cross and then it has a crow and a question mark and I don’t know what that is supposed to mean, but I found it at Forever 21 and they said that I could have it for free because it didn’t belong there and it smelled really strongly of burning plastic and it was really wet. 

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just saying the word tumblr out loud is embarrassing 

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